DPM 3 Camshafts

Dale Paterson Motorsports is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive program involving the design and procurement of our own range of USA billet based camshafts and valve-train components.

The new camshaft range is a DPM exclusive, utilizing the experience gained during extensive dyno testing, with grind designs specific to the LS range of engines as fitted to many VT to VF model Commodore and HSV models.

The DPM 3 is the perfect camshaft upgrade for naturally aspirated applications, giving a you a nice lumpy idle and a healthy increase in engine performance, due to it's narrower LSA and longer duration. The DPM 3 will work with standard diff ratio's but would see greater driving performance when coupled with 3.27 or 3.9:1 diff ratio. The DPM 3 can be used in supercharged applications but boost pressure will be reduced due to the tighter LSA although this can be easily addressed by changing supercharger pulley size when the cam is installed.

Vehicle Applications

  • Holden Commodore VT-VF models including H.S.V. variants fitted with LS series engines.