Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Powerpack Stage 1

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DPM Stage1


Utilising DPM extensive experience in tuning European performance platforms, particularly AMG/Mercedes, the Phase I system is designed to be a complete daily driven performance upgrade that installs quickly and easily, unlocking the A45/CLA Performance Potential all without sacrificing durability or driving quality. In fact every aspect of the AMGs behaviour is enhanced with Stage 1 in place.

  • Removes factory 270km/h speed limiter to allow unrestricted running
  • Adjusts fuel strategies to match Australian pump 98 and 100 octane fuel
  • Fuel strategies are also in place for Euro 98/99 RON and US 93 MON
  • Tailors the engine boost curve and response for optimal low end torque production
  • Maps engine ignition timing to give improved performance and response on high octane fuels
  • Reduction of torque limiters in first and second gear for improved acceleration
  • Alters throttle mapping to give superior driveability in traffic situations and eliminate 'dead spots'
  • Able to be quickly and completely removed 'without a trace' and be invisible to service centres