HSV GEN-F / F2 | LSA Powerpack Stage 2

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DPM Stage2

HSV Gen-F & Gen-F2, LSA models only.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, DPM offer a range of packages engineered specifically to unlock the potential of the LSA powered HSV model range. Impressive performance gains can be achieved with our stage 1, 2 & 3 kits, which represent excellent bang for your buck, but If you need to take it that step further then our stage 4, DPM 585 package just might be the one for you.

Unmatched performance gains are possible through increased intake airflow, utilising our efficient Cold-Air Induction system, smaller diameter drive pulley, creating higher boost pressures and a custom ECU recalibration which increases your LSA engine output to 505 kW and 900 Nm.

Product Includes

  • 505 kW / 915 Nm (Standard 400 kW / 671 Nm)
  • ECU Recalibration
  • Cold Air Induction System
  • Supercharger drive pulley


  • Power figures are approximate and calculated at the flywheel, based on results with the 6.2 lt. LSA power plant on our Harrop HQ dynomometer
  • Final price may vary dependent on specific options chosen
  • Some automatic transmission models may require a cooler kit at additional cost.
  • Driveline warranty available at additional cost