DPM prepared FDFI 2300

By DPM 7 September 2016

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This VF2 that was previously fitted off with DPM prepared FDFI 2300. Months back it made 400rwkw from this auto prepped package. Not enough George took our advice and prepared a bottom end that would cope with what he was wanting. Results were as expected

Not pushing a DPM fresh prepped engine consisting of DPM2 SC grind 2500 Rpm Convertor and custom Rods/Pistons set to DPM specs 11 psi with a fat fuel set up and minimal timing to allow a good run in 460 rwkw was the result. In time this weapon will see its 480 rwkw.

DPM also completed the combo with a Harrop mono block front brake package to pull this monster up.

Holden VF Series II